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From: Editorial Staff

Date: 24-01-2021 18:31:23

Today I felt a compelling need to get to the water and cast. After days of snowy wheter, wind, cold I must confess that I had put side any thought of fishing since a while. But today I realized that the spring snowflakes are popping out of the ground and I had to think of what my friend had told me three weeks back: it was cold and he went to the brook near by and there was a hatch of Baetis and he caught several fish on the dry-fly!! Nothing big, all in the range of 20 to 25 cm, but dry-fly in January with zero degree it is not bad. So I made my way to the place today, fully loaded with the idea of catching my first fish of the year. With great disappointment, I got there the river was high and muddy colored and of course there was no hatch in sight.

From: Editorial Staff

Date: 24-01-2021 18:32:10

it looked like this

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