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From: Editorial Staff

Date: 21-02-2021 14:09:39

If last week it was below zero and snowing, today the sun and +16 Celsius might hint of an idiosyncratic bipolarity in the weather's mood.
Lured by the gorgeous meteorological condition, after breakfast I grabbed a light rod, a box of fly and walk by the brook.
Snowdrops are blooming in the naked ground. The percussive hammering of a woodpecker is breaking the gurgling of the water. Despite my attempt to localize it, it remains invisible.

From: Editorial Staff

Date: 21-02-2021 14:13:35

There are some midges in the air. I gaze though the clear water in search of a shadow, but in vane. Thus I mount a nynph and explore a couple of known pools.

From: Editorial Staff

Date: 21-02-2021 14:16:19

Then I see a cormorant. It is the first time I see them in this tiny water. Things must be going pretty bad for him if he is hunting here. Or maybe he's just like me, talking a walk to look how things are doing.

From: Editorial Staff

Date: 21-02-2021 14:21:45

Even if there are some trout in here, the most common fish is the chub. I take my time try to spot something, there is not a single fin in sight. Normally it is easy to spot some fish or fry, but nope!. So nothing for today, good to have done the first cast though.

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