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From: Chief Editor

Date: 14-02-2021 13:52:11

with temperature around 10 below zero the only fishing related matter in sight is the one at the vise. Perfect time to re-organize flies. And fly boxes. At first I decided to re-shuffle my various nymph boxes, applying a rigorous selection to the patterns I know work best. After some reckoning I concluded that I wanted a set of brand new flies. They should be the synthesis of all past experiences on alpine streams and all tied on brand new hooks. So, I emptied on box. The choosing method was to select one with borders high enough not to crush nymphs together when it is closed. The aluminum case with foam, 15x9x2 cm looked perfect for what I had in mind and it became the elected one to be re-cycled.

From: Chief Editor

Date: 14-02-2021 13:52:42

Secondly I took account of the hooks. I wanted to have only barbless ones, with a decent wire to withstand big fish and random snags and perfectly sharp. I purchased several types: straight, grub and jig.

From: Chief Editor

Date: 14-02-2021 13:53:24

Next I determined that I wanted them all to be tungsten bead heads. Now the box started to get filled. I will keep you posted

From: Chief Editor

Date: 18-02-2021 19:55:40

Meanwhile the box contents have been progressing. Nymphs from hook size 16 to 10 are populating the first half. If the weather and the water level alllow it over the weekend.. maybe a spin-off of this thread with the first casts of the year..we will see

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