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From: Chief Editor

Date: 24-04-2021 13:47:17

Time to dust off the fishing bikes. The possibilities are plentiful, from street fishing in the city to the peripheral urban streams, or with a mountain bike to alpine lakes for more extreme adventures. Given the place I live, I fish mostly flat land streams. It is a fantastic way to spend a day or the after-work hours.

From: Chief Editor

Date: 24-04-2021 13:54:13

despite the river is mostly a chub place I caught by bike some trout too, among which one of over a kilo.

From: Chief Editor

Date: 24-04-2021 14:02:45

The gear and accessories are minimalistic. Traveler rod. No waders (but I use waterproof boots). A box of flies with wait a bright spectrum of imitations: tiny and larger dries, some nymphs, a few streamers it is all that I take with me.

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