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From: Chief Editor

Date: 09-05-2021 10:51:51

I had just ended my visit to the Oceanarium in Lisbon. I was in the lobby browsing a book about fish marine species present in Portugal. Among the hundreds of species, one name caught my eye: Megalops atlanticus, the Tarpon. Rare and casual catches of Tarpon have been reported and documented since the 70s. One of the first reported catch is from the Tejo river, the monstrous large stream that runs through Lisbon. Other incidental catches were reported in Spain, France, the Azore Islands, and Ireland.
Link-> picture: source “Ichthyological note - New record and revised list of Megalops atlanticus by R. Bañón, C. FaRias, A. De Carlos, J. C. Arronte, J.VaRela, A.Arias, D.Barros-García, E.González-Ortegón)

From: Chief Editor

Date: 09-05-2021 10:53:20

It must be clear that few incidental hooking does not mean that anglers can go and fish for Tarpon, but Tarpon's existence in European waters has been scientifically proven. Will there one day be someone who will catch one on a fly? Looking forward to that day

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