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From: Chief Editor

Date: 05-04-2022 20:26:48

while in the USA is pretty normal to meet fly fisher women (1/3 of the fly fishers is a woman), a fishing woman in Europe quite an exception. Yet the first published fishing treatise in England was written by Juliana Berners 150 year before Shakespeare was born. Even Izaak Walton 200 years later has been inspired by the book. The book is complete treatise on the matter. The type of lines (there were several colors, depending on the water) and how to make them. How to build the hooks (there was no fishing shop, nor an industry behind fishing). A selection of flies for the months of the year. It is not only about technique though. As the preface, written four centuries later, cites: “Besides giving the earliest account of the art of fishing, the estimate which the authoress forms of the moral value of the craft is not only very high, but has served to strike the keynote for all subsequent followers of the art“ The old English is at times not easy to understand. However it is a pleasure to read though and see how this writing “assigned in popular estimation to the angler his meditative and gentle nature“
Treatyse on Fysshynge wyth an Angle
by Juliana Berners - around 1410

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