Mid Spring Nymphs 

A visit to two headwaters confirmed that end of April is a month buzzing with activity in the macrobenthos realm. The two little streams turned out to have a very good water quality and benthos diversity. The first, the smallest one, is a left tributary of the second one. The nymphs and larvae were plentiful. Mayfly of the H.confusa (a relative of the turkey brown dun) were in the air on both stream. I found its nymphs only in the main course though. Despite the proximity of the sampling areas, some species were not found in one of the brooks, which while statistically might be meaningless for I do not plow the bottom and may have missed them, it might be indicator of some kind of preference for H.confusa (mayfly) and Isoperla (stonefly)

HEADWATER 1, magic tributary         HEADWATER 2, the main course