Serratella ignita

Subimago  Female

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  - Order Ephemeroptera
  - Family Ephemerellidae
  - Genus Serratella
  - Species ignita   Register new user or reset password

The S.ignita is widely spread throughout all Europe and its imitation is a must-have in the fly box of any serious dry fly angler.

Serratella ignita hatches occur between May and September

Clean rivers rich in algae and well oxygenated are its ideal habitat

The view from below shows where the english name of the S.ignita comes from: BWO blue winged olive

Even if in Europe there are other mayflies that are similar (ie some Baetis or other species of the Ephemerellidae family) and for the sake of fishing may be referred to the generic categorization of BWO, the original alias is to be attributed to the S.ignita