Rhyacophila nubila

Imago  Male

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  - Order Trichoptera
  - Family Rhyacophilidae
  - Genus Rhyacophila
  - Species nubila   Register new user or reset password

The R.nubila is a widely spread green bodied sedge. The winged insect flies from April till November.

Ventral view. Clearly visible the 3-4-4 (fore/mid/hind legs) sporns

Rhycophila is equipalpia, that is males have the same number of maxillar palp segments (=5) like females. Ocelli are always present,in the picture above is well visible, above the eye, one of the 3 ocelli.

Species' identification is possible only through genitalia details. Above dorsal view

Genitalia lateral view.