EuroFlyAngler - Summer nymph fly fishing

Target fish: trout / grayling


Hook: 10 - 16 jig barbless
Mounting thread: black
Tail: Cock de Leon
Body: Peacock tail quill, cleared of the barbules
Legs: Hare's ear dubbing. Very little quantity, mounted with a thread loop.
Collar: Blood-red fibers dubbing
Head: Tungsten slotted bead

Notes: Don't worry, this fly will catch in spring and autumn too. A fly for the alpine stream, white water, or faster currents. In smaller sizes, it also works well in slower currents. This nymph can be tied fast, in about five minutes of work at the vice it is ready to fish. Coq de Leon capes have a natural mottled brown color pattern that is perfect to imitate mayfly nymph tails. A soft eraser rubber can be used to remove the fine barbules from the peacock quill.