EuroFlyAngler - Lampetra Streamer fly fishing

Target fish: trout / salmon / black bass / pike


Hook: size 4 (tail hook) and two long shank 6 size streamer hooks for the body
Mounting thread: black
Body: olive marabou, interleave sparse tan and black marabou
Eyes: lead eyes tied beneath the hook shank
Notes:  a versatile streamer that can imitate a sculpin, a cobitidae (loach), an eel or a lamprey. It can be tied up to 20 cm. in lenght, varying the hook sizes. To obtain an overall tapered shape, use a ratio of 1 tuff for tail, 2 tuffs for the middle and 3 tuffs for the heading hook. The hooks are joint with a 0.55 ø mm. teeth-proof nylon. The tail hook is mounted upwards, cutting off the front hooks with a plier will reduce snags to a minimum and allow the streamer to work with less hassle closer to the bottom.