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The 50' rule

Arctic char on the Alps are no rarity, assuming one is willing to find them. We are not talking about farmed fish, but wild fish. They live above 1000 meters above sea level.Here a good hint on how to find them.


The Torrent Bug is one third sculpin, one third frog and one third newt. A deadly fly for the mountain streams.

Santa Susanna

 In this beatifule landscape St. Francis of Assisi was inspired to compose the Canticle of the Creatures. For the beauty of the landscape and the exceptional flow of water the Santa Susanna spring was declared a natural monument in 1977.

Green Hornet

I created this dressing by chance, finding myself in need of nymphs and with no other material to bind than CDC. The result was terrific, if not for the eshtetic for the fish that it's caught to date


Dark alpine sedge
Scientific name:
Allogamus auricollis

River Lauter

The Große (big) Lauter is a chalkstream in Germany that has good hatches of the real Mayfly (E.danica) between end May and mid June.

Bio Adams

This version of the Adams, entirely tied with natural materials, never let me down. Either during a hatch or as search pattern, among the several dressing variations this one remains unbeatable.

Garfish on the fly

They approach the coast once a year to mate and they are hungry. From the shore or with the belly boat, where to find them, what flies are the best, find it in this video


When Asp hunt close to the surface there is nothing that competes with this fly

Bled Snowhite

A minimalist dressing with an impressionistic silouhette and almost neutral buoyancy. Let this fly idle to then strip it with a jerk. A move that pike seldom resist

Craving for pike

The island of Rügen in the far north of Germany is a mythical place for pike fly anglers. In this video a synthetic resume on the key things to know, the best months, the best gears and flies to rise to the challenge.


  If the Mediterranean sea can offer good game fish, it ain't always easy to catch something. I ventured out with the boat and had a great day fly-fishing with poppers.

Ammarnaes trout

 Ammarnäs in Sweden, the river Vindel is world-famous for the giant lake trout that run into it.

Nordic grayling

 Under the Laila waterwalls there are a few stretches with very large grayling.

ASP! On the fly

The Asp is most of the time an elusive ghost. But when the day comes, it is a day you will remember for a long time.

River Neiden

  The River Neiden runs across Finland and Norway and it is a classic salmon stream  


Carp on a fly

River Aelva

Porsanger Fjord

River Neckar