Scotland saltwater - Pollack fly fishing
Making the most of Scotland, for me isn’t about playing the bagpipes while wearing a kilt and eating shortbread, it’s about putting up with a storm, 40mph winds and driving rain because you just love being out there in it, our wild wonderful land. We drove 5 hours up from Edinburgh to Skye, no not to climb a Cuillin, not to go for a dip in the fairy pools or take photos of heelan’ coos - we were there to catch pollack, on the fly. Why drive 5 hours to do that? Well it’s winter, all trout are off, grayling haven’t really got going yet, and most of the salmon to be had are kippers. That’s where pollack come in, and they are more than deserving of our attention. Available all year round, more than happy to come to the fly, full of character - and plenty challenging, I’m amazed this fun-packed species isn’t more popular. Big, brassy and boggly of eye, these saltwater predators hit hard, and burrow like bejeesus into the kelp. You have to bully them from the get-go if you want to see the fish or, for that matter, your fly again;