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  Stura di Lanzo (Piedmont, Italy) 


The Stura di Lanzo has its source on the Pian della Mussa in the Ala Valley. The river flows with the name of Stura di Ala until the village of Lanzo where, after receiving the tributary Stura di Viú, it is named Stura di Lanzo. The no kill beat here reported is located 45 minutes by car from the city of Turin. The regulation is strictly no kill (last info 2013). The reserve stretches from the Lanzo bridge (after the tunnel on the "strada provinciale") to the Cafasse village.

The part of the stream which became the no kill reserve has been completely interdict for fishing for several years before opening in 2003. Brown and marble trout are present along with grayling and some brook trout.

It is sometimes easy to spot fish of 1 kilogram or more sipping tiny insects from the surface, bigger fishes are present as well. The brown trout beside was caught on a hook size 14 with a poli emerger.

A view of the river downstream of the pedestrian bridge. Do not expect to find easy ready-to-be-caught stock-fish.

Above, streamer fishing at the small dams. These small dams create 2 deep pools, it is usually a very good place to find lots of fish, as well in case of insect hatches. Mind that it is not allowed to fish standing with the feet on any part of the artefact.

Picture above, the fish way at the dam to allow the fish to run upstream.

In summer caddis hatches can bring the water to \"boil\", especially during the 'Coup de soir' at dusk. Above a brook trout caught on a sedge pattern.