Lake Øvrevann (Norway) 


Lake Ovrevann is located in the very north of Norway, in the region of Finnmark. Not far from the Stabbursdalen national park, the lake covers a surface of about four squared kilometers.

The east side of the lake is reachable from the road. A camping with some cabins offers accommodation and boat rental.

There is good population of grayling, along with pike, European perch and occasional salmon. This latter runs from the Laxelv river, the river is the inlet and outlet of the lake.

The best dry fly fishing is from late May to mid July, when the nature is blooming and plenty of mayflies and insects hatch.

In regards of dry fly fishing, the conditions that rule the game on the lake are binary: with the wind and during the absence of it. Considering that the best fishing is done from a boat, in case of win the best is to move, looking for the sheltered areas.

The best spots for dry-fly fishing are the underwater platforms, with depth between one to four meter. In absence of surface activity a weighted nymph can sort out things and catch fish.

While nymphing - but we caught them on dry fly too - perch will bite too. After catch-and-releasing the all day, we kept some fish for the evening grill.

Despite being located along the road, around the lake wildlife thrives. At midnight we could admire an elk grazing in front of our cabin.