Porsanger fjord (Norway) 


If it wasn't for the white snow on the mountains at horizon, this turquoise water would trigger reminiscence about the Caribbean Sea. But we stand at a far distant latitude here, a hundred kilometer below Cape North, the northest point of Europe.

It is not easy to approach the shore, before this vast and inscrutable body of water, with the a firm belief of catching something. But we are confident in our equipment and have faith in fly fishing.

The of reputation of these cold pure waters is enough to keep our moral high, with hope and trust in the local richness in fish. We blank for first half hour and then we start catching small cod and pollock.

With the time we catch some bigger ones and we decided to sacrify a couple of them for the grill. It is a wonderful an coloured nature, plenty of see urchin are visible in the shallow water and in the cracks of the rocky bluff. Along with rests of giant crab's carapaces, over 20 cm wide. Photo in the middle at the bottom: What remains of a successful green shrimp pattern after some hours of catching fish.

Right side and middle: a nice cod, that got caught on shrimp pattern with a double hand rod. Left, single hand rod with fighting butt between sea-urchin and giant crab carapace. Sinking lines or sinking tip line are recommended.

When activity stagnates, it is possible to move along the shore for kilometers in search of a school of fish. We never came across any other fisherman.

Another nice cod, caught on one of the best flies during those days: the orange shrimp.

Waiting for the right tide .. The Porsanger fjord, with its 123 kilometer in lenght, is one of the largest of Norway. It is the "funnel" where the salmon swim to run into mythical rivers like the Alta. The chance to come across one of the silver creatures while casting for cod & co. motivated us during the moments of low activity, but we were not blessed by such luck.

This crab, complete of legs and claws, came out (dead) from a a cod that we gutted for the grill.

2 AM in the northern landscape, fly anglers breathing the spirit of the sea, hoping for a good catch.

Recommended tackle: rod 9-10 feet, fly line: 7 to 9 sinking or sinking tip