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Do these big, wild trout still exist in natural, non stocked, free waters? Do the conditions of our mis-treated, over-fished rivers yet allow the presence of indigenous overgrown specimen? Tiamat does not know about it, but a feeling of upset for how things have been going lately is cognizing her trout brain. She had been lucky in finding the deep pool under the rock in her early years. The place provided shelter and abundant food. Through the time she learnt the danger represented by the plethora of fishermen that were showing up from time to time. She could perceive any anomaly in the surroundings, under and outside the water. She had everything under control. Now that she has grown to a considerable size and more kilograms of weight, the long drought was becoming a real threat. Up to a point that she had to leave the beloved place. Which she did, right on time, before ending her life in a stinky puddle of mud. She descended the shallow water of the river, moving only at night and feeding on all that she could find, which was not much. The fat fry and abundant caddis of her pool were only a far dream.